Monday, April 9, 2012

For years I've witnessed darting and hovering balls of light just above my property in Worcester, MA. However, recently such sightings have increased tenfold since January of 2012. Coupled with these unusual lights in the sky, peculiar events have transpired since this date. One being strange reed formations in the meadows behind my house. I can't say definitively that these incidents are extra-terrestrial. Then again, who can with any U.F.O. sighting. What I can offer is that I've lived in my home for twenty-five years, and know the difference between a star or planet within my night sky. What I've witnessed of recent is neither of those. These lights appear almost nightly. Compelled to capture the anomalies on video to not only prove to myself that I'm actually seeing this, but also to document the frequency of the occurrences. It's uncanny. Please view my evidence, and draw your own conclusions. I will update weekly any new footage and photos, as well as any strange happenings that take place.

When I initially began video recording the lights in the sky, I was painfully amateurish with my camera at night. It's difficult to capture the U.F.O's with a digital camera that offers video recording, and isn't specifically for capturing video. The camera does not offer night vision, either, making it tricky to align the screen with the lights for capturing. But I've gotten better. You'll see this as the videos progress. I do intend on purchasing a night-vision camera for this purpose. Please bear with me. The footage offers some delays in darkness, but you will see the darting light. The patterns and movement are not dictated by my camera. This is the actual flight pattern and pace of these U.F.O's. Some resemble sun-like shapes and brightness. They aren't quite as large as the sun, but resemble more of a small moon. On other occasions they are multiple tiny lights darting about. There's never any sound associated with them. All videos are available on YouTube under U.F.O Worcester, MA.

                                                                   January 18, 2012
When viewing this video please wait to see the golden disk of light darting in-and-out of frame. The other white lights are that of a front-porch to my neighbor. Please only take heed of the object shaped as an almond - the classic shape of a U.F.O. This was the first video that I captured this year in front of my home.
                                                                     January 30, 2012
This footage is located in the near distance (100 yards) beside my house. This tiny light is of particular interest, because it is found quite often above the crop (reed) formation that I have discovered recently with my family on a walk. Footage and photos following.

                                                                   February 6, 2012
Here you'll see two lights to begin, then one remains behind. This is also in the vacinity of the meadow located in the Audubon Conservation.

                                                                  February 10, 2012
Again, two lights are present. One is a golden hue, while the other is a silver disk.

                                                                 February 19, 2012

A darting silver disk is viewed here. This footage was taken in my immediate backyard. The lights have been, and continue to be viewed from every vantage of my yard. Including recently, outside my bedroom window, north of the meadow.

March 3, 2012

This footage is also from the perspective of the meadow. A very active spot. I have plans to enter the flattened field at night to see if perhaps closer footage can be obtained.

                                                                      March 7, 2012
 More footage from the meadow.

March 15, 2012

This one is particularly interesting, because it seems to represent an intellegence force at hand. The light begin small, becoming larger as it comes closer to me. As time goes on, and I see these lights more frequently I can't help but get the sense that whatever these lights are they're attempting to communicate with me.

April 2, 2012

                                Another steady small light from the direction of the meadow.

April 6, 2012

Here is some particularly interesting footage of a field of reeds (or bamboo as we locals call it, even though it really isn't), that was unusually flattened. It's about a mile in length, 100 feet in width. Having lived in this neighborhood for decades, having seen various degrees of weather distruction, never have I seen anything like this. These reeds have never been flattened. I attempted to contact The Audubon regarding this anomaly, (this reed field is on their property) and no explanation has been offered. With the sightings of U.F.O's frequenting this location I can't resist the notion that perhaps something of an otherworldly origin was at work here. They do not appeared manmade because the reeds (ranging between 7 & 8 ft) have been broken to about 2ft from ground. The reeds are so dense and course it's nearly impossible to walk through, let alone level by hand.

                                                                       April 7, 2012
This footage is lengthy, please be patient. There are pauses where there are no lights anomalies. But when the UFO's appear they are quite remarkable. The multiple blinking, skirting lights are seen throughout the screen. In person the lengthy display resembled that of fireworks. This footage is at night, so it is dark. Again, this light display occurred over the location where the reeds were flattened. And just a note: I've been seeing military helicopters circling my neighborhood during the day.
                                                                        April 7, 2012
I recorded here because while washing dishes I noticed the shiny light that I've been seeing quite frequently above the crop circle (see above), so I immediately grabbed my camera. I apologize for the window screen - there was no time to remove it. It's unfortunate that the mesh is hindering the sighting - this would have been incredible footage. Eight seconds (exact) into the recording, on the tree line where there's a slight gap between the top of the tree canopy (it's really quick; you may have to watch several times to catch the silver disk slightly hidden by trees), a metallic object is skirting to the side, along this tree gap, as if it is using the trees as camouflage. The really fascinating part of this, besides the obvious UFO, is that this sighting is above the crop circle!